Spring Benchmark #2, Tuesday 13-02-26

Tuesday February 26, 2013

The Workout

Spring Benchmark #2, Tuesday 130226

WOD Phase #1: Deadlift (15 min)
5 reps at 65%
5 reps at 75%
Max reps at 85%

WOD Phase #2: Farmers Carry Shuttles (10 min)  Partner Judged
20 x 20m Farmers Carry Shuttles 150#/105#
may be set down at either end of 10m, but not en route.

WOD Phase #3: 100 Abmat situps for time
Glutes remain on the ground.
Hands touch ground over head
Hands touch ground in front of toes

Movements: , , ,

My Result

DL: 203 x 13 … my spreadsheet said Theoretical 1RM of 305

FC: 6:32 Rx’d (2 Green KB)

Sit-ups: 4:53

Tips for the farmer’s carry:
Hook Grip! Hard to wrap the thumb, but the better you can, the better the grip — and the grip is the first thing to go.
Speed! Fast feet = less time under tension.
Stay organized: you should be as focused on good form as you were when you DL. Stay tight, head up, shoulders back
Pay attention to picking up and putting down correctly! I got no rep’d on #19 when I dumped on the ground instead of setting them down under control. doh!

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