Split Jerk/ Deadlift/ Run, Thursday 12-09-13

Thursday September 13, 2012

The Workout

Split Jerk/Deadlift/Run, Thursday 120913

Skills: DE Split Jerk
7 x 2, no more than 70%

Strength: Snatch Grip Deadlift
Based on Deadlift WM
< mobile: pull from 45# plate risers
mobile + < 1.5 BW Dead: pull from floor > 1.5 BW Dead + mobile: Stand on Risers for deficit
3 x 65%
3 x 75%
3 x 85%

Run Prep:  Foam roll gastroc/soleus/achilles
3 x 40m jogs <80%

Run 800m for standards board

Dessert: 4 minutes of alternating Up/Down Scorpions

Movements: , ,

My Result

Split Jerk – worked up to 93#. Felt pretty good but would like to continue to improve the speed I get my feet out.

Snatch DL — ugh.. don’t like these at all. up to 163 which is probably way off my 85% DL max but it was too early to do the math right and this weight was heavy.

800m: 2:51 Very psyched about that!

After feeling beat up from yesterday, I couldn’t think of a single thing I’d like to see in today’s WOD, except maybe running. So I was pretty happy to see what came up today.

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