Snatch Pull, Front Squats, Wednesday 12-09-19

Wednesday September 19, 2012

The Workout

SnatchPull, Front SquatsWednesday 120919

Skills & Strength
Segmented D.E. Snatch Pull into Hang Snatch, 7 pairs

Front Squats
5 x 3, this should be heavy. Very Heavy. But focus on elbows up

Fortitude: 5 Minute AMRAP of
3 Power Snatch, 135/110/75
10 Double Unders

Sprint 100m
1 set Max rep Pullups or 50 reps whichever comes first
Rest 60 Seconds
Run 200m
1 set Max rep Push ups or 50 reps whichever comes first
Rest 60 Second
Run 200m
1 set Max rep squats or 50 reps whichever comes first

Movements: , , , , , ,

My Result

Today was killer!

Snatch Pulls: stayed at 63 and worked on form.

That last point of contact/pulling back/exploding is where I need to focus.

Front Squats: stayed at 63.

Even tho the weight was ridiculously light, could not keep my elbows perfectly up (can’t really do it air squatting either). Keeping my chest up when squatting is such a huge goat for me and it is showing up in many different areas. Perfect practice makes perfect!

AMRAP: 5 + 3 at 73# The snatches were tough for me today, felt tired.  Double Unders felt good.

WOD: 8 pull (+2), 25 push (+2), 50 squats (same) = 83 + 4 from last time (although the formula was slightly different)

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