Rope, Snatch Balance, Run 1600, Thursday 12-08-23

Thursday August 23, 2012

The Workout

Rope, Snatch Balance, Run 1600, Thursday 120823

Skills & Strength:  Rope Climb Skills

Heaving Snatch Balance
15 minutes to work up to heaviest double

Fortitude: Run 1600m

Dessert: Stretch circuit, mobility chooses the movement.

Movements: , ,

My Result

Rope Climbs: 4 or 5 to the 15′line.

Focused on getting good pulls and getting my knees up high. Would love to figure out a technique that does not shred my shin as much as my current technique does (despite taping my shin under my thick socks).

Snatch: Worked at 83# — below my max but focused on getting low and keeping my knees out.

1 mile: 6:47!!!

400m – 1:36
800m – 3:xx

I can’t even tell you how stoked I am about that! I had no idea I had a sub 8 minute mile, much less sub 7! I got to color in 3 boxes tonight — for my 400 (split was 1:36), 800 (3:xx) and 1600.

In warm-up, I got up to 21 double unders… that will be the next goat I get.

Still jazzed about today’s work!

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