Push Press-Jerk, HSPUs / Abmat AMRAP, Thursday 12-08-09

Thursday August 9, 2012

The Workout

Push Press-Jerk, HSPUs/ABMAT amrap, Thursday 120809

Skills & Strength: Push Press
5 x 1 Push Press, 1/min
Goal is >.75 x BW

5 x 1 Push Jerk/Split Jerk, 1/min,
Goal is >BW

WOD/Fortitude: AMRAP in 5 minutes
3 Hand Stand Presses
5 abmat situps

Form violations erase the round:
heels must be in contact with wall at full extension of handstand
hands touch ground in FRONT OF TOES on situp
Glutes must stay firmly on ground on situp
Soles of feet together with full contact

3 x Max Hold L-Sits/L-hangs

Dessert: 40 Back Extensions


Movements: , , , ,

My Result

Good workout this am!

Push Press: 103 up to 133
Not sure of all the iterative weights in between, but made all of the lifts. Still a little too much off the toes and not the heels.

Push Jerk:
133, 138(F), 138, 143(F), 143

I did all of these as splits and am close to body weight at 143. I remembered belatedly that I coulda/shoulda been using my wrist wraps, so I’m thinking with my wraps I have this at body weight.

WOD: 3 rounds even
The first 2 rounds were rx’d (kipping), but it took me 9 HSPUs to complete round 2 b/c I kept coming off the wall on my last push-up. Chef suggested I go to one abmat and that allowed me to get one more round in before time.

L-Sit holds: 23 seconds, then 15, then 12.
Used paralletes (sp?) but feet were not above parallel.

Back Extensions: cranked out 25 in 2:10, only to realize afterwards I was supposed to do 40. doh!

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