Handstand Hold, Lunge / Slam, Friday 12-05-18

Friday May 18, 2012

The Workout

Handstand Hold, Lunge/Slam, Friday 120518

Skills & Strength:
Max Wall Handstand Holds
Max Free-standing Handstand Holds
Max Laps of 20ft Handstand walks

WOD: Fortitude: “10x10x10″
400m Run
10 Rounds
10 pairs overhead walking lunges with Slamball, 20/15 (20 steps)
10 slamballs, caught on the first bounce in a full squat
400m Run

Dessert: It’s Friday! EAT!

Movements: , , , ,

My Result

What a beautiful friday evening — made for a great workout.

HH: 1:22   — balance was not the limiting factor, but pure arm strength

WOD: 20:xx (I forget).

that was rough, but glad to get through it.

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