Dominoe Team WOD, Saturday, 13-02-23

Saturday February 23, 2013

The Workout

Dominoe Team WOD, Saturday, 130223

“Dominoes” Team WOD
5 person Team
1 Person Rows 200m, then carries an 85/55 Sandbag 40m
Rest of team carries a 225# barbell in a team farmer's carry (handles provided) 40m
Then team does domino work. 5 reps per teammate, but done in a circle, one person at a time:
Slam Balls 15#
Box Jumps 20"
Dynamax Wall Slams, 14# (throw ball against wall from 12', must roll back to next teammate)

Movements: , , , ,

My Result

This was fun, but not overly taxing.  I liked doing the group slam balls, we passed it around the circle and tried to float it up for the next person to slam it down.  The wall slams were new and fun too, a little tricky as well.

I expected we would all get a turn to row/carry, but time was called as I was finishing my row. I was bummed, looking forward to carrying the 85# bag.  I was crushing my row, hitting about 2:30 for my 500m split.

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