DE Cleans, Sandbag/Burpee Mile, Wednesday 12-08-08

Wednesday August 8, 2012

The Workout

DE Cleans, Sandbag/Burpee Mile, Wednesday 120808

Strength & Skill: Dynamic Effort Cleans
Stick your Clean: Love the hole, love balance and patience and build confidence down low.
Double Bounce out of the bottom required.  Push through parallel then drop and bounce out.
2/Minute for 10 minutes
Dynamic effort loads only, >75% but Full count at the bottom of each lift guided by your coach.

5 x 3 Clean Segment Pulls at the load you used above, see video

WOD/Fortitude: Run 1600m With 45#/25# SandBag.
Every 100m drop and do 5 burpees jumping laterally over the bag.

Dessert:  Extreme Hamstring, Gastroc, Soleus and Achilles recovery work.

Movements: , , , ,

My Result

Cleans: worked at 83.

Form felt good, but still lots of little corrections to work on. Firing my glutes and getting that full triple extension is the biggest “goat”. Also “elbows up” and letting myself bounce at the bottom.

WOD: 800m + 2 burps .. with 45# bag. Chef pulled a fast one on us 6pmers.

Worked on pull-ups in warm-up, got 4 strict in a row!

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