Back Squat, Carry/Push/Rock Tuesday 13-02-05

Tuesday February 5, 2013

The Workout

Back Squat, Carry/Push/Rock Tuesday 130205

Skills & Strength: Kiss the wall squat
find closest squat. Arms overhead, hands touching, Absolutely no elbow bend. Lock your thumbs together if needed.

Back Squat
70% x 3
80% x 3
90% x max reps (TO FAILURE! )

Fortitude: 3 Rounds
2 minutes Farmers Carry, 150/75
1 minute Hand Release Pushups
1 minute Hollow Rocks
rest 1 minute

Movements: , , , , ,

My Result

KTWS: 6″ in oly shoes

HBBS: did 133×3 which was my 70%, but my hips have been so tight and creaky I stopped and spent a few minutes on mobility instead of squatting with load.

WOD: 221 rx’d

Was feeling pretty slow, but made up a lot of reps on the hollow rocks

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