Woodstock Park (22207)

Saturday August 14, 2010
Woodstock Park

Woodstock Park

2049 North Woodstock Street
Arlington, VA 22207
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Bottom Line:  Nice neighborhood playground with a fun structure for big kids and nice features for little kids. Wish it had big kid swings and bathrooms. 3/5 stars.

Worth Noting: There is a steep hill next to the park -- if your child has a ride-on toy, you might need to keep a close eye on him/her.

The Review:

This park is tucked away behind the Lee Heights Shopping Center (the one with Child’s Play toy store, Randolph’s Pastries, and Arrowwine), at the intersection of Woodstock St and 20th Rd.   It can also be accessed at the other end from Vermont St and 20th Rd.  I stopped by one afternoon with all 3 kids (6, 5, and 2) and found it had something for all of them to enjoy.

The main play feature is a big yellow structure that is shaped like a big square.  Three of the sides had a unique element to walk on:  a swaying bridge, a wobbly plank bridge, and a chain link cargo net.  The fourth side had a set of monkey bars that my oldest monkey loved.   Each corner has a different kind of slide.


The plank bridge was to shaky for my 2 year old, but he still had fun with the different slides.

There’s also a smaller structure geared towards younger kids that looks like a train.  My 5 year old thought it was a good place to have a snack.


There are two coiled bouncy ride-on toys.


Beyond the playground there is a basketball court, and beyond it, two bucket swings.


I’m not sure why they chose to situate the swings so far from the rest of the playground – it makes it really difficult to keep up with kids in the playground area if you have a child that wants to swing.   The basketball court and the sidewalk make a good surface for ride on toys.  The only concern is that the park slopes away fairly sharply from the sidewalk to a grassy area below.   I would worry if my child were to stray off the path, they might take a tumble down the hill on a trike or push toy.


We first visited in the afternoon and found it quite shady.  I returned on another day in the morning and saw that much of the yellow structure is in the sun in the am — other elements are shaded.  There are no bathroom facilities, but there is a water fountain.   There is also no fence to keep  little wanderers contained.

Parking wise – there are two spaces, plus a handicapped spot at the Woodstock entrance, but there was also plenty of unzoned street parking available.

While it’s a bummer that there are no regular swings and the baby swings are so far removed from the rest of the playground, this park was a win with my kids.

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