Walter Reed Playground (22204)

Friday November 25, 2011
Walter Reed Community Center & Park

Walter Reed Community Center & Park

2909 16th St. S.
Arlington, VA 22204
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Bottom Line:  Nice small park geared for younger kids. However has no swings or slides and gets full sun. Bathrooms available in the Community Center is a plus. 3/5 stars

The Review:

Walter Reed playground is a nice, playground (renovated in 2006) that should please the younger crowd.  I like that it is adjacent to the Community Center which is open daily and thus has regular access available to bathrooms.


Conspicuously absent from the play equipment is any sign of swings, or even a traditional piece of play equipment with slides.  Instead, the play equipment is more modern and abstract.

This climbing structure appealed to my 6 and 3 year old. IMG_3143.JPG

A new-to-me feature was this area featuring outdoor musical equipment — kids can make music by banging on the metallic equipment to create gong and drumlike sounds.   My girl loved this feature.


There are also two rock formations with rope strung between them.  However the rope is no longer taut, so the kids feet stayed on the ground when they walked, diminishing any tight-rope walking fantasies.


It seemed better suited for more pint-sized players.


The far end of the park features a teeter totter, spinning bucket, and play house of sorts.  There is also a sailboat style piece of equipment that is supposed to spin but does not very easily.



There is also a nice sand area with clean white sand and a turtle sculpture.   There were no sand toys left out to play with however, so you may want to BYO toys.


As you may be able to tell, the biggest issues with this park are the full sun (hardly any shade anywhere) and the lack of play equipment for older kids.   It made a nice visit on a cool fall day, but I would not recommend it for hot weather.

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2 Responses to Walter Reed Playground (22204)

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    Joy Koeppen says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have to add a comment as a person particularly interested in serving individuals with disabilities. This park looks like it was made to be accessible to children with disabilities (or able bodied children with parents who have disabilities), with some equipment accessible to those in wheelchairs. The hammock looking thing where your youngest appears to be lying might be a way to allow a child who cannot sit up or climb to enjoy being around other climbers. The music/sand tables, etc. are often meant to be inviting to the senses and can really appeal to children on the autism spectrum. Just my two cents. I will have to visit this park with my kiddos and see what they think.

    • 1.1
      Kendra says:

      Hey Joy, thanks for your insights!

      I think Arlington does a good job of considering accessibility when they design new parks. For instance, just about every new park I’ve seen has at least partial soft rubber surfacing leading to the play equipment so a wheelchair could navigate the ground. They also have included a variety of spinners and sand features and some parks have accessible swings as well.

      Other parks with a similar “green seat” type structure include: Parkhurst, Westover, and Lyon Village.

      Here’s the list of parks with accessible swings that I’ve found.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts after you visit!

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