Van Dyck Park (Fairfax City)

Friday March 30, 2012
Van Dyck Park

Van Dyck Park

3720 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030
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The Review:

Adam and I stopped by to check out Van Dyck Park in the city of Fairfax one spring day.  What a lovely fun find it was!  The park is large, with many features and the playground area itself is also a lot of fun.


It is segmented into two mulched areas.   The first section contains a play structure for younger kids (ages 2-5) and 4 swings — two regular and two bucket swings.   This part of the park sits in full sun.



The second area is also set in mulch and has several different components.


Rock Climbing Wall



This was a favorite — it is big, turns well and we spent a lot of time spinning, trying not to fall off.


More Swings — 2 bucket and 2 regular.   These swings are better shaded.IMG_5593.JPG

Play Structure — this one seems geared for older kids, as evidenced by the higher monkey bars.


Spinning Pole
If you grab and swing, it will spin you around.


Fire Truck and several Rocker/Spring Seats — a duck, horse, panda, and dog.


A Standalone Slide.



This area was popular with everyone but my kid.  It took me a while to snap a picture because it was always full, but I couldn’t convince Adam to play there and I didn’t want to come across as the creepy lady with a camera at the park.


There was a basketball court right next to the playground, which made a great area for riding bikes.  There is also a paved path that runs through the playground and also around the rest of the park.    The fact that the playground area was so flat and had great visibility made it a great place to ride bikes.


Adjacent to the playground area is a skate park.   I’ve heard it’s fun to watch skaters but it was empty while we were there.


There are three volleyball courts near the playground.   There are also tennis courts further back in the park.


There are lots of picnic tables, grills, and a covered pavilion area.


The park has lots of open green space for running around, as well as a paved path that seems to circuit around the park.


There are three port-a-potty’s near the playground.  They were clean and seemed well maintained.


The playground is right next to the Sherwood Community Center, and the City of Fairfax Police Station.



Overall, we had a great time and spent quite a while at the park.  On a hot summer day, parts of the park would be too sunny, but other parts got decent shade.   Van Dyck Park would make a great destination for families with kids of all ages.

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7 Responses to Van Dyck Park (Fairfax City)

  1. 1
    Karin says:

    Since it’s early spring, you wouldn’t have seen this but Van Dyke hosts one of the Fairfax Co Farmers markets (Tuesday). It’s one of the larger ones too!

  2. 2
    Joy Koeppen says:

    Since I live in the City of Fairfax, I’ve visited the park many times from the time my kids were toddlers to now (ES age) and they have always had fun. I have also enjoyed the seasonal farmer’s market on many occasions. The Community Center and Police Station are relatively new and make the setting even better. We have enjoyed sledding down the hill just across from the basketball courts as well. It doesn’t take much snow to get a good run. Thank you for featuring this park on your site. I enjoyed reading your review as an “outsider”.

  3. 3
    csread says:

    A wonderful review of Van Dyck Park and your photos are great! We are very fortunate to have many parks here in Fairfax City and our Parks and Recreation Dept. does a great job in maintaining them too. I think the skateboard park really sets Van Dyck apart from many other parks in the area. I enjoy watching the skaters do their thing. Thanks for such a thorough review. I know this will be helpful to other moms in the area looking for a new place to take the kids.

  4. 4
    denise says:

    Thanks for these photos and descriptions. We’re renting out an area of the park for an event, and the Fairfax site offers nothing in way of a view of the park. This was very helpful!

  5. 5
    Cindy B says:

    Thanks for posting about this park, we have an upcoming event there and it was great to see all your photos!

  6. 6
    Lynn Berry says:

    Just went to the park! The park has two new areas; one honeycomb climbing area and another “pond” area with a fish to climb and a dragonfly teatertooter. Great parl to go for a walk and then let the kids run.

  7. 7
    Jessa says:

    I was so excited to find your post about VanDyck Park. We had been researching parks in the Fairfax area for our daughter’s 1st birthday party and your blog entry and photos sealed the deal for us! We had the party 2 weeks ago and it was a wonderful experience for everyone. We rented the large pavilion and provided a picnic lunch. There were 12 children (ages 11 mo-3 years) and there was something they all enjoyed. Thank you!

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