Trinity Presbyterian Church Playground (22205)

Friday July 6, 2012
Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

5533 N. 16th St.
Arlington, VA 22205

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Bottom Line:  Very nice, very shady fenced playground suited for preschoolers. The playground is open to the public when not in use by the church or preschool, but don't count on the church bathrooms. 3/5 stars.

The Review:

Trinity Presbyterian church and preschool has a wonderfully shady playground that is open to the public when not in use by the church or school.

It is designed for ages 2-5 and has several climbing structures, rocker seats and interactive musical elements.


Main Play Structure



My 4 year old enjoyed the slides, bouncy bridge, and periscope on this structure.

There is a caterpillar crawl tube and a yellow abstract mini-slide.


Smaller Play Structure



Tucked back in the corner is a musical station — kids can bang on the white “drums” or make music on the two xylophones.


There are also three rocker seats that kids enjoy bouncing on.


Moms of runners or multiple kids will appreciate that the playground is fully enclosed and the playground has easy sight lines.

The church building does have bathrooms but is typically locked, especially during summer, so don’t count on being able to use the building’s bathroom.

The playground is well suited for what it is designed for — kids 2 – 5.  One mom warned me that it can get buggy after a rainfall so you may want to pack the bug spray, but we didn’t have notice any skeeters or gnats when we were there.

If you are looking for a shady playground to beat the heat this summer, I’d recommend checking out Trinity.

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