Rebounderz (Sterling, VA)

Friday November 18, 2011


22400 Davis Drive
Sterling, VA 20164
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Bottom Line:  Really fun, really expensive, indoor trampoline play area. 4/5 stars.

For an updated review, check out my 3/27/13 post about changes at Rebounderz.

The Review:

On Veterans Day, my local mom’s club sponsored an outing at Rebounderz  in Sterling.  Rebounderz is the only indoor trampoline play space I know of in this area.   I was excited to check it out — and I was not disappointed!  Rebounderz is a lot of fun!


Here’s what you need to know up front.

First off — this place is expensive.  Regular price is $15.75  $17/pp per hour.  Wowsa.   Granted, an hour of jump time is probably all you need — after an hour, my kids were wiped.   That price point is well above our typical outing budget, but they have “Daily Dealz” and frequently have special deals available through group-buy sites like Living Social and Specialicous.

Second — you MUST sign their waiver.   The waiver basically says, trampolining is dangerous and could result in in injury or death and you are participating knowingly and accept the risk and won’t hold Rebounderz responsible.  So, assuming you are okay with all that — you can either fill out the waiver online prior to arriving, or fill it out at their designated sign-in station in the lobby.


Then you check in at their front desk where you make your payment and sign the waiver you completed.


Next stop is the Jump Gear Station, where you trade in your street shoes for indoor shoes and a helmet (helmets not required for adults).   I should note that socks are required and you are not allowed to jump barefoot.


Then we headed on down to the jump area — there are two jump stations (zones?).


The jumpers met with an instructor who went over the basic rules.


Then everyone was free to go crazy!   One area looks like this:


And the other area is similar except is has two longer tramp pads and a foam pit at one end. 2013 update: the foam pit has been removed.


We arrived early for our session, so we got some good bounce time in before the bulk of the group arrived.   My pictures are not very good, it was hard to get indoor action shots, but everyone had a blast.  Bouncing off the trampoline walls was a big hit, as was jumping into the pit.


The only thing I didn’t like about the set-up was how the foam pit area was managed.  There was  “ref” monitoring to the tramp pads to ensure no one jumped on anyone else, but most kids new to the set-up didn’t recognize the difference in the area and would run across the long tramp pads, creating confusion and even worse — line cutting! 😉

My own three year old was not immune — he came running across the tramp pads where folks were waiting to jump into the pit at the same time his daddy came bouncing along — Mr. XfitDad got to practice coming to a quick stop to avoid crushing or bouncing his child into the atmosphere.


When the kids need a break from the bouncing, there are lots of video/arcade games to play.


Many of the games allow you to earn tickets, which can be cashed in for cheap trinkets or candy, ala Chuck-E-Cheese.

Image Credit: Rebounderz

There is also a lounge area for those needing a break.   Rebounderz has free wifi, for those who can’t stand to be disconnected.


And there’s a snack bar.


I appreciated that there was no prohibition against bringing in your own food, allowing us to save on snacks.

My kids and hubby had a great time bouncing and it was a super fun outing.  Due to the steep cost, (and distance from Arlington) this would not be a regular destination for us, but it was a really fun place to check out.

Rebounderz does birthday parties, corporate team building,  and other activities.  Hubby was especially  intrigued by their Dodge Ball league.  They have regular drop-in open play hours each day of the week — check their (atrocious) website for details.

Have you been to Rebounderz?  What’s your opinion?

Disclosure Statement:   I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are wholly my own.

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8 Responses to Rebounderz (Sterling, VA)

  1. 1
    Will says:

    This is a very,very dangerous play activity. Google Rebounderz and open dislocations. Also google the amount of neck injuries that are caused by trampolines that a helmet does absolutely nothing for.

  2. 2
    letsbereal says:

    Every activity is dangerous. Even taking your children to the park is dangerous, as they could fall off the monkey bars and break an arm, trip over a step and bust their head open. Any sports activity is also dangerous. Google “football concussions” “soccer dislocation” “basketball knee injuries”. Yet all of these sports jave required equipment but that doesn’t mean their still isn’t risks. Let’s be real here. You gotta pay to play.

  3. 3
    Khanh says:

    Thanks for this review! I was looking into it for a Viget TTT. Do you have any thoughts on how it would be for a large group of adults (kids at heart)?

    • 3.1
      Kendra says:


      I think it would be great! The time of day we went catered to young children, but I would think mid-afternoon or later would have a different mix.

      You could call and ask them what/when they recommend, but I think you guys would love it!

  4. 4
    Angela says:

    I took my 8 year old there for a class birthday party a few months ago. The kids had a blast and no one got hurt! I think this was largely because the kids followed the rules and everyone paid attention to their space. The refs and parents were there also to make sure. The kids respected each other and waited in line for the foam pit. It was also very helpful that other parents were there to help watch each others kids, especially since there were two sides to the trampoline areas.

    I thought this was a fun place for a child or anyone to play and get some great exercise. Re the cost, I assume it helps to maintain safe, worn-free trampolines, fun & functioning arcade games, a great staff and a safe, clean and nice environment for all kids and families.

  5. 5
    Gerard Foos says:

    I sprained my ankle (on crutches for a month), and my 7 year old hurt her back. Will not be back! Sure it was fun until the injury, but I urge anyone looking into this to SERIOUSLY weigh the risk of injury- which is VERY HIGH!!!!

  6. 6
    Michelle says:

    We are going to a birthday party this weekend. The site says soft soled shoes for children with foot size smaller than a childs 2. Both my kids 5 and 7 have small feet. The 7 year old wears a 11 (toddler) and the 5 a (12). Did you see any people without the suppled gear and what are soft soled shoes? I was thinking water shoes maybe. Any clue?

    I’d appreciate your input.

    • 6.1
      Kendra says:

      They provide shoes. They have sizes that fit my 5 year old and I think he’s a size 11 (toddler).

      If you are unsure, I’d suggest calling and asking them directly.

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