McDonald’s Playplace (22207)

Friday October 28, 2011
McDonald's PlayPlace

McDonald's PlayPlace

4834 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207
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Bottom Line:  The only McDonalds with a play area in Arlington. Not as clean as you'd like, but not as disgusting as I remembered. 3/5 stars.

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With the weather turning cooler, it’s a good time to focus on indoor play areas.  McDonalds seemed like a logical choice to review, being that it’s indoor, a play area, near-by, and free (if you don’t count the money you’re bound to spend on food).


We used to be frequent visitors to this Mickey Ds, but I’m pleased to say, we haven’t darkened its doors in quite a while — at least two years, I’d guess.   I basically decided my kids can and should eat better so I’ve tried to cut out the fast food for the most part. (Disclosure, I’m not a total food snob, it’s just that Chick-Fil-A has become my preferred brand of poison :).

At any rate, Adam and I stopped by yesterday for some playtime and a post-lunch treat (soda for me, chocolate milk for him).


I know many people won’t let their children set foot in a play area because of the germs and lack of overall cleanliness (like this lady), but I tend to be a little more germ/grime tolerant.  So… how clean is this McDonald’s play area?

I guess I’d describe it as “not bad”.  I seem to remember it being yuckier the last time we were there, but this time it looked relatively clean and well-maintained (note:  I did not crawl up into the play area for a personal inspection).   I often wondered how well and how frequently the insides of the play area got cleaned, especially since it is a PITA for adults to climb up there.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this sign, which I don’t remember seeing on our last visit.


Adam had a great time climbing, racing around in the overhead tubes, and sliding the down the twisty tube slide.



The overhead car is always a favorite.


As is Ronald, who sits patiently on a bench, waiting for friends to come visit and honk his nose.


Adam had a good time and it was a nice break for me.  I know this McDonald’s is pretty high volume and can get crowded at times (and parking can be difficult when it’s busy), but we went in the early afternoon and had no problems.

While I wouldn’t say I’m lovin’ it … we had a good experience. What’s your opinion of McDonald’s Playplaces?

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