Madison Park (Falls Church, VA)

Friday April 29, 2011
Madison Park

Madison Park

351 Lawton St.
Falls Church, VA 22046
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Bottom Line:  A nice park with a big play structure, good shade, and a few other nice amenities. If only it had a bathroom... 4/5 stars.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this Falls Church playground a couple of years ago.  It’s tucked in a neighborhood walking distance from my older kids’ preschool, so I used it as a place to meet up with other moms and picnic after preschool.  Adam and I stopped by recently to snap some pictures and refresh my memory for this review.

We arrived around 12:30 and I was surprised to see it still had pretty good shade.   You’ll see in the pictures it’s not completed shaded, but kids could definitely find shady places to play.   The play area consists of one large structure with a couple of slides and a set of swings.

The Play Structure


IMG_2760.JPG IMG_2768.JPG

IMG_2762.JPG IMG_2766.JPG

The Swings — two regular and two bucket/baby


Next to the play area, there is a basketball court, as well as a nice paved path.   Both make this park a great spot for younger/learning riders.   There is also an open field next to the playground, as well as a water fountain, a covered shelter with picnic tables, and a grill.

IMG_2764.JPG IMG_2765.JPG IMG_2767.JPG

All of these elements make this a nice little park.   The biggest downside is the lack of a bathroom.   Also, there’s not much to recommend it as a destination for moms with only toddlers, but my younger child never complained as he tried to keep up with his older siblings.

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