Madison Manor Park (22205)

Thursday August 12, 2010
Madison Manor Park

Madison Manor Park

6225 12th Road North
Arlington, VA 22205
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Bottom Line:  Not fancy, but has all the necessities and good for a variety of ages. Bathrooms, fenced, and paved surface for beginner bike riders make this park a top pick for our family. 5/5 stars.

The Review:

Madison Manor is one of my most favorite parks in North Arlington.  It doesn’t have the fanciest, newest equipment, but it does have all the essential ingredients for a great park outing for a variety of ages.

The fact that the playground is completely fenced is a big plus for those with roaming toddlers.   When you enter the playground, you see these two spinny seats (relatively new additions) and the 2 seater purple dinosaur.  The kids love that thing.

IMG_9825.JPG IMG_9833.JPG

There are two baby swings, and two regular swings (I forgot to take a picture of these, but you can sort of see them behind the sign in the top picture).


The bouncy ride on toys are always fun, as is the playhouse in the background.


The digging seat is also relatively new.


This dino is a cute little slide.

IMG_9827.JPG IMG_9831.jpg

This play structure is dated, but seems to be fun for the kids.  Mine like the fireman’s pole.


A view of the bathhouse, which is definitely dated, but gets the job done.


This summer, a new water fountain was added and the surfaces were re-paved.  There’s also a pavilion with picnic benches and grills – I believe it can be reserved for parties.


The black(green?)top surface is great for riding bikes and trikes.  There’s also a big field next the playground.  My kids also have a good time here and can find something fun to do.  I highly recommend Madison Manor for all ages.

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