Lyon Village Sprayground (22201)

Friday June 10, 2011
Lyon Village Park

Lyon Village Park

1800 N. Highland St.
Arlington, VA 22201
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Bottom Line:  This is a fun playground with a great sprayground. However, parking is notoriously limited and violations are strictly enforced. Parking challenges and lack of bathrooms demote this otherwise great park to a 3/5 stars.

Worth Noting: Partially fenced.    No bathroom, sprayground operates Memorial Weekend through Labor Day on a limited schedule -- refer to county website for hours.  Extremely limited street parking (unless you are a Zone 6 resident).  Playground and sprayground are full sun (at least by mid-day), but there is plenty of shade adjacent to the spray area.  Play surface is concrete (spray area), mulch, and soft rubber.

The Review:

It’s been several years since I’ve been to this park, but I knew I needed to make another trip to do this review.   It was a sweltering hot day when my 3 year old and I headed out to hit the sprayground.   Unfortunately, I  locked my keys in the car before we left the driveway, so our trip was delayed til early afternoon when my husband gallantly came to our rescue.   In hindsight, the delay was probably a good thing as this park has notoriously limited parking and our arrival time  coincided with many folks nap-time departure, so we were able to score parking near the park.

The spray ground, of course, is the main attraction, but before we cover that, let’s visit the rest of the park.


This is a somewhat recently renovated park and features many new and modern play features, similar to Westover Park.

The main play area is surrounded by a nice paved path which makes it a nice destination for young riders.

There is a large play structure designed for the 5-12 crowd.  It is similar to what Parkhurt Park has.   This  structure features a high slide, some climbing components, and some abstract banana seats under the structure.


There is also a play structure designed for kids 2-5.   It features a small slide, a twisty pole, a climbing net, a small climbing wall, and a hammock type swing seat under the structure.



Both of these structures are in full sun and were too hot to touch the day we visited.   Other play features include …

A nice sand area with clean white sand


Two spinning things — a twisty pole and spinning disc, a modern take on a merry-go-round.


Two bouncy rocker toys.


Four bucket/baby swings


And three regular swings — it looks like there should be four but one has been removed.


Additionally, there is a nice covered pavilion with picnic tables and a funky “living” roof.


Apparently there is a move afoot to raise more funds for some kind of shade canopy, but I don’t know much about that (aside from a sign posted on the gate).

Last but not least there is the… sprayground!


It is similar to Hayes Park, although smaller in footprint.  Unlike Hayes, this park has a twirling flower and a mini dumping bucket of sorts.   I believe the spray area gets some morning shade, but it was gone by 1pm.


One nice feature about this sprayground is there is plenty of shade next to the spray area.  It was easy to spread a towel on the ground and stay relatively cool while my little one splashed.


It’s worth noting, if you have a child who is reticent about water being sprayed in his or her face, the spray park may not be for you (or them).   My child is one of those, but we managed to overcome this obstacle by the happy coincidence of finding goggles in our beach bag.


Also, it should be noted that the spray park requires swim suits and swim diapers on those that need dipes.

Next to the spray area, the paved path continues along to the basketball court, and beyond that two tennis courts.


Overall, this is a very nice park and I enjoyed it more than I remembered.

The biggest detractions are:   no bathrooms, lack of shade in the play area, limited parking.  But, if you can potty before you get there and arrive early to score parking, this is a lovely little park.

I only give it a 3/5 because I hate to fight for parking, but I’d love to hear what you think!

"Lyon Village Sprayground (22201)", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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2 Responses to Lyon Village Sprayground (22201)

  1. 1
    XfitDad says:

    That 4th empty swing space is for your personal rings to let the kids play on them, complete ring dips, or muscle-ups before laying prone in the spray area! I’ve often longed for a swing to go missing at our closest park so I could bring my rings.

  2. 2
    Emily says:

    A great website where you can locate your local SprayGround is Not only can you find the closest one to you, but, you can review your visit as well. I love it. Check it out!

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