Langston Brown / Strawberry Cottage (22207)

Friday April 13, 2012
Langston Brown Community Center

Langston Brown Community Center

4854 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207
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Bottom Line:  A sunny enclosed park with equipment geared for younger kids. Bathrooms in community center. 2/5 stars.

The Review:

Adam and I stopped by to visit the playground behind the Langston Brown Community Center, aka Strawberry Cottage, one sunny spring day.  The playground is  fully enclosed and features one main play structure, along with swings and two smaller elements.


Main Play Structure

This structure is somewhat basic and would be appropriate for 2-5 year olds and up.   It has an accessible ramp on the right side, slides, open play area, and a shaded play area underneath.



Beyond the play area, a paved path leads to the other play elements.


Fire Truck Slide/Play Structures


The “VFD 8” is a nice touch, a reference to Fire Station #8 just across Lee Hwy from the community center.


Swings — 2 bucket/baby, 2 regular


There is some open green space inside the enclose park.  Adam had fun with a friend, finding pretty blue flowers.


A single tennis court, with a mural on the far wall serve as a perimeter to the playground.


Just outside the playground area are three picnic tables with shade umbrellas and a single basketball court.


Bathrooms can be found inside the Community Center.   The park pretty much sits in full sun, so it wouldn’t be a great choice on a hot summer day, but it was a nice spot to run around on a mild day.  The playground is just behind the McDonald’s on Lee Hwy, so if you wanted to hit the drive through and eat outside, this would be a nice spot to do it (you cannot access the park from the McDonald’s playground you would need to turn left on Lee Hwy and left again onto N. Culpeper).


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3 Responses to Langston Brown / Strawberry Cottage (22207)

  1. 1
    DREW says:

    Thanks for the review. But this playground is so lame In my opinion. There is no 9 foot twisty tube slides that slam you into the side or any decent slides at all. The slides are not even a decent 6 feet tall. (I am 20 years old and expect to play on good big playgrounds that have very tall slides that shoot off the end of the slides like a rocket) I expect playgrounds with fast and huge slides and not this lame little stuff. I guess this playground is good for a 5 year old but not for a speedy slide seeking 20 year old playground credit enthusiast.

    • 1.1
      Kendra says:


      Drew, I totally agree. I would not recommend this playground to adventure seeking 20 year olds — it is definitely geared more towards little little kids. It gets its stars mostly for being enclosed and having a near-by bathroom, vs the caliber of it’s equipment.

      What playgrounds do you recommend for speedy slide seeking 20 yr old playground enthusiasts?

  2. 2
    drew says:

    There is a really huge playground at Chet Hobert Park in Berryville VA with a 17 foot and a 15 foot tall tube slide and a huge $50,000 playground at the Waterford Elementary School in VA that has three 9 foot tall VERY fast slides that fling you into the mulch hard. Go look up these two huge playgrounds for yourself on Google maps and post a review for me if you go to them.

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