Hayes Park Sprayground & Playground (22201)

Saturday July 10, 2010
Hayes Park -- Sprayground & Playground

Hayes Park -- Sprayground & Playground

1516 North Lincoln Street
Arlington, VA 22201
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Bottom Line:  A great playground and sprayground with all the essential amenities. Nice modern equipment, bathrooms, clean white sand, decent shade make it a top pick for moms. Young riders will enjoy the paved paths -- this is one of Arlington's best parks! 5/5 stars.

Worth Noting: parking can be difficult on a hot day,  Sprayground hours were cut in 2010 due to budget cuts.   Check out the county website for complete list of hours of all parks.   Hours for Hayes park are as follows:

Mon:   10am - 3pm
Tues:   2 - 8pm
Wed:  closed
Thu:   10am - 3pm
Fri:   2 - 8pm
Sat & Sun : 12 - 8pm

The Review:

It was the last day of school, and so I took my boys (5, and 2) to hit the sprayground.  Parking was terrible, but we lucked out and found street parking across from the park, in front of the Arlington Science Focus school.  This day, I think parking was impacted by end of school activities, but I know when the park is popular on hot summer days, the street parking gets filled up too.  You can always find a spot, you just may have to be prepared to walk a few blocks.

The sprayground at Hayes is wonderful.  The area is mostly shady and has a solar system theme.  The center of the sprayground has a sun design in the concrete and “planets” extend from the sun and can be seen around the park.


Usually, my kids say they love the sprayground, but after a few minutes of splashing, they are done.  To my surprise, my 5 year old had a blast this time – repeatedly running through the spray and having a grand time getting wet.  My 2 year old also loved it.  It’s a good idea to bring a few buckets or balls to play with.  I always forget and then my kids try to borrow other kids toys, which doesn’t always go over well with the other 2 year olds.   Nonetheless, the kids had a great time playing.


After a snack, we hit the rest of the park.


The main play structure is fun, but gets full sun.

IMG_8892.JPG IMG_8919.JPG

Adjacent to the play structure are some other simple fun things.  A caterpillar-like tunnel, and 3 person teeter-totter. A slow spinning ship-like thingee, and a spinning bucket.  (Click to zoom in on picture detail).


Adam enjoyed riding his glider through the park – I had to rein him in to keep him from running down the other tots.


Hayes Park also has a nice sand area.  It gets a little bit of shade on one side.


There are two sets of swings, one with 4 bucket swings and one with 4 regular swings.  These are set back under the trees so they are nice and shady.

IMG_8896.JPG IMG_8927.JPG

In addition to all the play features, there is a nice paved path that runs around the perimeter of the park.  It’s mostly in the shade and great for young riders.  There are also water fountains and bathrooms on site.

All in all, Hayes park is a great destination park — I know many of my non-Arlington friends make the trip to come visit it.  I just hope the County can find a way to keep the water on during this hot summer.

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2 Responses to Hayes Park Sprayground & Playground (22201)

  1. 1

    I have been meaning to let you know how much I love your blog. I direct clients to it all the time, friends and friends of friends …. I love it.

    It’s fun… it makes me laugh sometimes and makes me think to…

    just thought I would say thanks.

    michelle sagatov

  2. 2
    Elspet says:

    This is a wonderful playground for toddlers! We just got back from a trip there. The spinning bucket is a favorite.

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