Gravelly Point Park (22202)

Friday September 2, 2011
Gravelly Point

Gravelly Point

George Washington Pkwy
(just north of National Airport)
Arlington, VA 22202
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Bottom Line:  A wonderful open park space, just north of Ronald Reagan National airport. A great spot to picnic, watch planes, or pick up the Mount Vernon Bike Trail.

Note: The park is only accessible from the northbound lanes of the George Washington Parkway.  If traveling south, use  National Airport as a turnaround to access the park from the northbound lanes.

The Review:

Having a picnic at Gravely Point should be on everyone’s “DC Bucket List”.   There is no playground here, but the park has more than enough to capture the interest of kids of all ages.

It is a big open green space just north of National Airport and a great place to watch airplanes take off and land.


Depending on the day, you will either duck as huge planes land almost on top of your head, or you will watch them soar over you as they take off.


The park is a large grassy area and in the summer, you may see ultimate frisbee teams playing on the fields.


The park is on the edge of the Potomac River and affords wonderful view of DC and Bowling Air Force Base.   There is also a boat ramp, so you can watch people put in/take out their boats.


(I don’t recommend going on a stormy day like we did).

Because of it’s proximity to the river, there is usually a nice breeze, making it a great place to watch the planes.


Because of its proximity to the runway, the noise from the airplanes is pretty loud.  For this reason, I don’t recommend it for itty bitty babies.  I don’t think my son at 2 would have liked the noise, but at 3, he could put up with it.

There are port-a-potties on site, but I didn’t inspect them.


The Mount Vernon Bike Trail also runs through Gravelly Point, which is a wonderful bike path — however, if you have young/beginner riders, I would use caution.  I can get crowded and many cyclists travel at high speeds.


All in all, Gravelly Point is a wonderful open space and everyone ought to make time to visit it at least once (assuming you aren’t noise sensitive).

What’s on your DC Bucket List?

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