Drew Park & Sprayground (22206)

Friday July 22, 2011
Drew Park & Sprayground

Drew Park & Sprayground

2410 S. Kenmore St.
Arlington, VA 22206
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Bottom Line:  A nice, newly renovated park and sprayground with modern features. However, it lacks shade, easy access to a bathroom, and parking can be limited. 3/5 stars.

Worth Noting:

Arlington has limited their spraypark hours.  Refer to the county website for the complete schedule of what's open when.

Bathrooms are located in the Charles Drew Community Center, which has limited hours and is a several minute walk from the playground.

There is limited street parking nearby, as well as parking lot that appears to be shared by the community center and Drew Elementary School.

The Review:

On a hotter than heck summer day, I decided to bring my two boys to Drew Park, while my oldest was busy with tennis camp.   I had difficulty finding this place using my local road atlas, but with help from my personal OnStar (aka call Mike at work and ask him to look it up), I found it pretty easily — my map had it in the wrong spot.

Anywho, once we found our way there, it took another few minutes to find street parking.  It’s not as bad as Lyon Village, but not hassle-free.   There is a parking lot at the community center, which is a short walk away, but I didn’t even realize it WAS a community center.  It shares space with Drew Elementary School and when I saw the school, I wasn’t sure if the parking lot was available to park users.  However, even if I had wanted to, the parking lot was full when I checked it out.

At any rate, we made it to the park.


It has a smaller footprint than Hayes or Lyon Village, which can be a good thing if you are trying to keep track of multiple kids.   There is no shade in any of the play area or sprayground, but there is one shade structure that has two picnic tables under it.


I was annoyed that the picnic tables were bolted to the ground and couldn’t be moved into a shady spot, but we made do by setting out our stuff on a shady patch of concrete.  The spray park is nice and fun.   It seemed smaller or simpler than the other two, but maybe I was just imagining it.   It was nice that it wasn’t as crowded as I’ve seen it at Hayes or LV.



The kids had a great time and Adam seems to have gotten over his “water dumping on my head” phobia.

As hot as it was, I didn’t expect anyone to want to play on the playground area, but I was wrong.   Both kids were immediately drawn to the big, red spider structure.  It is similar to one at Dominion Hills/Mace Park.

Big Kids Play Structure (designed for ages 5-12)



The park also has other fun features …

Little Kids Play Structure (designed for ages 2-5).


My two decided under this structure was the perfect place to have a snack.


Swings:  2 regular swings, 2 baby/bucket swings


Mushroom Stools — the end platforms were stable, and the middle ones wobbled.


Spinner Seat — this seemed mounted rather high, to me.  Younger kids (like the fella pictured) have a hard time getting out by themselves.


All in all, this is a very nice park.  If I lived in South Arlington, it would be a frequent destination (on shady/cool days).  Despite the new amenities and nice features, the lack of easy bathrooms, shade and parking are all major hassles for me, thus my reduced rating of 3/5 stars.

Have you been to Drew Park?  What do you think?

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    Emily says:

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    Emily says:

    Thanks for this review. We just moved to Arlington from Chicago with 3 kids and this was very helpful!!!


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