Dawson Terrace Playground (22201)

Thursday May 26, 2011
Dawson Terrace Community Center

Dawson Terrace Community Center

2133 North Taft Street
Arlington, VA 22201
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Bottom Line:  Another typical Arlington playground with a lovely sandlot. Nice, but not outstanding. Loses points for limited bathroom hours. 3/5 stars.

Worth Noting: Only partially fenced.    Bathroom and water fountain only if community center is open and it keeps weird hours.   Surface is mulch.  Parking lot on site.   Playground adjacent to wooded trail.

The Review:

I took my oldest and youngest one nice spring day to check out this park.   I was surprised to find it completely empty when we arrived.

The playground area features one large play structure, which should appeal to big and little kids with it’s typical array of slides and climbing structures.   When we arrived, close to mid-day, this structure was in full sun.



Dawson Terrace features an unusual shaped climbing structure.  It looks like a big “M”.


My kids enjoyed climbing on this, even my daughter, who was recuperating from surgery and supposed to be taking it easy.   Her version of “taking it easy” involved reading on the climbing thing.


Dawson Terrace also features several swings.   It has four regular swings and two bucket/baby swings.


My kids favorite feature of this park was the sand area.    It was nice white sand and it was in a very shady area.   There was a small toddler-aged slide in this part.  The concrete pad adjacent to the sand also makes a nice area for sidewalk chalk (BYO chalk).



Other things worth noting…

There is a trail head right next to the swings that leads into the woods.   It says “Palisades Trail”, so maybe it leads to Fort Bennett?   We didn’t check it out.


There are several picnic tables and grills near the playground.  We packed and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch.


There are basketball courts close by as well.  My 3 year old enjoyed gliding his balance bike on them.


Because this playground is located at a Community Center, I fully expected the building to be open and bathrooms available.  I was wrong.   According to the county website, the building is open on weekends and randomly mid-week when classes are scheduled.


Lastly, this sign was posted outside the playground area and I found it amusing.  It reads, “No Cats, Dogs, or Other Pets In The Playground Area.”


So if you were planning on bringing your pet parakeet, think again.  It makes me wonder what transpired for this particular wording to be necessary.

All in all, I found Dawson Terrace to be a nice, “typical” playground for Arlington.   No amazing features, but a decent neighborhood park with a nicer than average sandbox.  I would rate it a 3/5.

Have you been here?  How would you rate this park?

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2 Responses to Dawson Terrace Playground (22201)

  1. 1
    Dawn says:

    I grew up across the street from Dawson Terrace love the park and so did everyone in the neighborhood a lot of good memories.When i went there Anne Murphy ran the place and the janitors name was bill.

  2. 2
    Angela santolini says:

    I grew up across the street as well and remember Anne and bill. Best times of my life were there and met my husband there. Too bad it doesn’t get used as much any more. Halloween was always the most fun!

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