Chessie’s BIG Backyard Playground / Lee District Park (Franconia, VA)

Friday September 7, 2012
Chessie's Big Backyard at Lee District Park

Chessie's Big Backyard at Lee District Park

6601 Telegraph Road
Franconia, Virginia 22310
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Bottom Line:  A really fun, really sunny, accessible playground designed for kids 5-12. Future plans should include play areas for younger kids. Bathrooms on site, adjacent to the Special Harbor Sprayground 5/5 stars.

The Review:

School has started again and that means the fabulous Special Harbor Sprayground has closed for the season, but it’s not too late to check out the brand new adjacent playground.

Chessie’s BIG Backyard

June 2012 marked the opening of the first phase of this new playground complex.   This Chesapeake Bay themed playground area is a huge, accessible play structure with tons of opportunities for kids to climb, slide, run and play.


Click on the pictures to view them larger and to see the details of this fun outdoor play space.  The flooring is a springy soft rubber and the playground details are woodsy and charming.


Here are some things  parents might want to know:

The playground sits in full sun, making it hot on summer days.

It is big enough that it can be hard to keep up with an active child or multiple children.

This portion of the playground, known as the “Tiki Village,” is designed for ages 5-12.  It is not well suited for the under 2 crowd and there are no swings.

Additional playground areas are planned and will include features like a sandbox and play area for ages 2-5.

There are bathrooms — both inside the sprayground and on the backside of the sprayground that should be available even when the sprayground is closed.

Next to the playground is a “Parents Seating Area” with benches and some shade.


Next to that is shady wooden “Tree House”.  Kids can run walk along the boardwalk into a large open covered area and then race back out.


Even though it was a warm day, we had fun time checking out the playground and then visiting the sprayground to cool off.

I look forward to seeing the future plans develop — this play area is set to rival Clemyjontri in it’s magnitude and ability to serve all children.

Check out this video put out by Fairfax County that gives a tour of the new playground.

Note:  the playground and sprayground are a public and private partnership and donations are welcome and needed to continue to build out this great facility.   You can learn more and contribute to the cause at the Fairfax Park Foundation website.

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    Darcy says:

    Thanks for posting this! i’ve been looking for some new playgrounds for fall. this looks perfect!

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