Big Walnut Park (22205)

Friday October 21, 2011
Big Walnut Park

Big Walnut Park

1915 N. Harrison St.
Arlington, VA 22205
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Bottom Line:  Newly renovated in fall 2011, shady, good for older kids. No bathrooms, no fences. 3/5 stars

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Big Walnut Park used to be a disappointing excuse for a park.  Small, very few features, hardly worth a visit.  So when I noticed it was under construction over the summer, I looked forward to seeing what the County would do.   The construction fencing finally came down this week and we headed right over to check out the new digs.

I’m pleased to say, it is much improved!   It is still a small park, but the upgrades greatly enhance its appeal and make it a fun place for older kids.


The park only has four play elements, and sadly swings are not one of them.  But what they do have is very nice.

Big Kid Play Structure


There is one large play structure that is the focal point of the park.   Older children will enjoy the variety of ways for them to climb, slide and play.    Moms of little ones should keep a sharp eye as their are openings at the top that tots could slip through.   There is a sign noting this play area is designed for ages 5-12.

Merry Go Round


My kids were delighted to discover the merry-go-round.   It seems this old-school play equipment is making a comeback, and this one sports a modern design.  I was glad there is soft rubber surfacing underneath as my 3 year old proved it is still possible to get flung off :).

Abstract Teeter


I’m not sure what you call this thing — it rocks and moves and can be enjoyed solo or with other friends.  My kids had fun bouncing on it and jumping off like a diving board.

Gazebo / Sandbox


There is a gazebo with one picnic table, and a sandlot behind it.


The sandlot is terraced, full of clean white sand, and a digger shovel.   There were also lots of sand toys the first day it was open — I’m not sure if the county donated them, or a generous neighbor already left them.

The lower part of the park is open green space, but it is scrubby grass and not maintained.  I have hopes that the county will devote some of that space to more play equipment (like swings!), but have no idea if that is in the works.


Park Features

Other things worth mentioning…  the park is not fenced, and there is no bathroom.   It appears to get pretty good shade in late afternoon, except for the sandbox which is in full sun.   I should also note that this park sits adjacent to a giant cell tower.


Overall, Big Walnut is not as fully featured as many other Arlington parks, but the new play equipment makes it a nice neighborhood playground worth visiting.

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3 Responses to Big Walnut Park (22205)

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    Theresa C says:

    I just happen to find your page and I grew up 4 houses away from this park. The park it now like Kings Dominion compared to when I was growing up in the 80’s. Back then we had to run all the way down the the bottom of the hill where there was one tire swing and a covered pavilion (a very small). We played in that park with just the one tire swing for hours on end. When we lived in our house (which was rebuilt) until 2008 and before the latest redo their was a little kitchenette and see-saws which was still an upgrade from when I was a kid. I am glad to see they moved the playground further up but sad to see they have neglected the lower half of the park.

    • 1.1
      Kendra says:

      thanks for sharing those memories Theresa! It is definitely an upgraded park now, but I agree, lots more could be done with the lower half. Thanks for stopping by!

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