Spotted: Coconut Cream at Trader Joe’s

Thursday September 6, 2012

For a long time, Trader Joe’s only sold light Coconut milk, and not a full fat version.  For a Paleo eater who loves fat, this was a bummer.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted this item on an endcap for new products:


Coconut Cream — $1.49 at Trader Joe’s

Ingredients:  coconut extracted, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, xanthan gum, water.

You’ll note it contains some less than natural ingredients, which is a bummer.  I probably wouldn’t use it in high rotation, but it would be a yummy addition to occasional treats like ice cream, whipped cream, or even coconut cream pie.

Check out my post on Trader Joe’s Paleo Picks for more paleo friendly foods at TJs.

3 Responses to Spotted: Coconut Cream at Trader Joe’s

  1. 1

    I wish it had better ingredients!!

  2. 2
    Allison Donovan says:

    I’m from Canada and I just purchased this at a recent trip to Trader Joe’s. I’m relatively new to the Paleo diet just short of three months into it. I am looking for a reciepe to use this coconut cream as I’ve never purchased before. I was thinking it was like coconut milk but sounds a bit richer than the milk.

  3. 3
    debbie says:

    Out of stock

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