Paleo Bars

Friday January 27, 2012


Paleo Bars (or Knock-off Lara Bars)

Rachel shared this recipe for Paleo Bars and Mike decided to make them over the weekend:

He deviated from the recipe as follows:

– added  ~1/2 c. shredded coconut (unsweetened) and  used ~3/4c. chopped dried dates (in lieu of other dried fruit).

The recipe calls for cooking for 10 minutes, which he did, but they came out a bit soft and crumbly.   They don’t hold up very well, but man… they are so delish!   Even the kids had good things to say (although they still prefer their carby treats all things equal).

Update (1/31/12):  we made them again and they came out even better!  I let them cook a minute or two longer this time and they held their shape much better.  This recipe is definitely a keeper!



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