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Wednesday March 20, 2013


Eggs are a breakfast staple in our house — we eat A LOT of eggs.  For a long time, I always made my eggs scrambled — it was what I was used to and thought it was easy.  Then became a fan of omelets and made them for a while.  I’ve recently discovered fried eggs and it may be my new favorite way to eat eggs —  largely due to the ease of making and cleaning them up.

Fried eggs don’t really merit a “recipe”, but here’s how I make mine.

First Things First

I have to say, the key to fried eggs (and omelets) is a good skillet/fry/omelet pan.  I avoid non-stick pans and exclusively use my De Buyer carbon steel pan.  I got it from World Market a couple of years ago for around $20.  I think they still carry them (in store, not online), but if not, you can find something similar at Williams-SonomaSur La Table or on Amazon.

Fried Eggs — 4 Steps and Less than 5 Minutes

Step 1 — Heat some oil in your pan.  Use medium heat, just enough to get the oil hot, but not smoking.

I use coconut oil and add just enough so that when it melts it covers the bottom of my pan, creating a non-stick surface.

Step 2 — Crack an egg, or two in your pan.


Let the egg(s) sit untouched for a minute or two until the white starts to look opaque and will not fall apart if you lift under it with a spatula.

Step 3 — Using a spatula, gently fold the egg over onto itself – preferably all the way upside down.


The goal here is to get the part of the egg that been sitting off the surface to touch the hot skillet and cook it as well.  You can see mine didn’t make it all the way over and some of the yolk “broke” and started to run.  No worries!  It still tastes delicious!

Step 4 — Wait another 30 secs to a minute to give this side time to cook, then turn off the heat and slide your egg onto your plate.

Season with salt & pepper and enjoy!


I enjoyed mine with a heaping side of sweet potato hash.

While fried eggs will never win any awards for presentation (at least mine won’t), they are super simple to make and oh so delicious.   The best part is clean-up is a breeze!  There are no other dirty dishes and since the egg slides out of the pan and never cooks onto it, the skillet is easy to wipe off and use the next time.  My pan is not pristine, but you get the idea here:


When I do scrambled eggs, all the agitating and stirring causes lots of egg bits to stick to the pan — this way there’s virtually none of that.

Enjoy!  What’s your favorite way to cook eggs?

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    Kristin says:

    I’ve come to love my scrambled eggs since “going Paleo.” I throw everything but the kitchen sink in there to make them different and interesting. Still love a good fried egg though! I admit to being slightly nervous with the fried unpasteurized eggs though. They taste too good to think too much about that though!

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