Chinese Chicken Stir Fry

Tuesday January 31, 2012


Chinese Chicken Stir Fry

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and thought it would be easy to adapt to something paleo-friendly.

The only ingredient change it needed was to substitute Coconut Aminos instead of soy sauce.   Then I just went with the veggies I had on hand:  red pepper, onion, zucchini, and snap peas.

As far as cooking, I didn’t follow her method.  I seasoned my chicken pieces with salt and lemon pepper, heated some EVOO in the pan, and then cooked my chicken.  I just browned each side and didn’t worry about if it was cooked through.  Then I took the chicken out of the pan and added the veggies.  I let them saute for a couple of minutes, then added the chicken back in, along with the coconut aminos, lemon, and other flavorings.   I only cooked them together for about 5-7 minutes — 15 would be way too long for the veggies!

Verdict:  As she noted in her post, the combination of lemon with the soy/aminos was pretty good.   It wasn’t a WOWSA kind of recipe, but it is a good basic stir fry that I would do again.

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