Asian Pork Chops

Thursday February 2, 2012


Asian Pork Chops

I was jonsing to cook up some sort of Paleo Chops and found this recipe on Paleo Effect:

My pork chops were thick and boneless (theirs calls for bone-in), but otherwise, I followed their ingredients exactly to make the marinade (I used the honey option in lieu of coconut crystals).

I let the chops marinate for several hours before I was ready to make dinner.

Then, I preheated the oven to 375, heated a cast iron skillet on the stove top with a little coconut oil, then added my pork chops, trying not to include too much of the marinade.

I browned the chops on each side (~2-3 minutes each, give or take).  Then, I poured the rest of the marinade into the skillet and transferred it to the hot oven.

I baked them for ~30 minutes, covered.   Internal temperature should reach 145.


Verdict:  the flavor was really good and everybody enjoyed these.  I think cooking them in the juices helped keep them moist.  Also, we poured the juices into a jar to pour over the chops on the plate.  Yummy flavor!


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