Named Workouts

1 Min Max GHDs 3 Stroke Watt Test 5 min Burpees 5K 5K Row 5k Run + 5k Row 9/11 Memorial WOD 12 Days of Cmas 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 13.5 14.1 14.2 14.3 14.4 14.5 15.1 15.1a 15.2 15.3 15.4 15.5 20x20m Farmers Carry Shuttle 31 Heroes 100 Burpees 100 Hollow Rocks for Time 100 Situps Amanda AMRAP 5x5 AMRAP 14 Clean-Burp-DU Angie Animal Crackers Annie Armistice Army PFT Atom's Carry Back Squat (5RM) Back Squat (6RM) Barbara Barbell Work Bear (Running Bear) Bear Complex Bench (3RM) Benchmark Fall 13.1 Benchmark Fall 13.2 Benchmark Fall 13.3 Benchmark Spring 13.1 Benchmark Spring 13.2 Benchmark Spring 13.3 Benchmark Spring 13.4 Benchmark Spring 14.1 Benchmark Spring 14.2 Benchmark Spring 14.3 Benchmark Spring 14.4 Bench Press (4RM) Bob Bradshaw Brothers Keeper Burpee Mile Burpees - 7 min AMRAP Calculated Max Back Squat Calculated Max Deadlift CF Oly Total Chad Chellen Chelsea Chismar's Revenge Cindy Cindy Snatch Sammich Clean & Jerk (1RM) Clean (Power) 1RM Clean (Power) 3RM CrossFit Games Open CrossFit Total Danna Deadlift - RDL (3RM) Deadlift - Sumo (3RM) Deadlift - Sumo (5RM) Death by 10m - Carry Death By Clean & Jerk Death by Pull-ups Death by Slamballs Despiser Diane Diane - Heavy Double Stuff Tabata Atlas Burpees DT (Partner) DU/KB EMOM 10 DU Nancy Elizabeth FC Fifty Fight Gone Bad Fight Gone Bad - For Time Filthy Fifty Flight Simulator Fractured Fran Fran Franta Claus Front Squat (1RM) Front Squat (2RM) Front Squat (5RM) Front Squat and Run (Untimed) Fry Gates of Hell Goat Step Grace Griff Helen Hells Bells Hollyman Isabel Izzy Jack Jackie Jerk - Push (3RM) Jerry JT JT Junior Karen Karen's Ladder Kelly Kelly's Heroes Kelly Gone Bad Kelly Sandwich Kracken Lateral Jumps + C2B Pull-ups Linda Loki Lunge-a-Palooza Lynne Marguerita Mary Max Height Box Jump Max Pull-ups Max Push-ups Med Ball Toss MQ 15.4 Mr. Pink Mr. Red Murph Nancy Nancy - Flying Nasty Girls Nate Overhead Squat (1RM) Overhead Squat (2RM) Pet Rock on a Bar Pig Ladder Prescott Hot Shots Push Jerk (1RM) Push Jerk (3RM) Push Press (1RM) Push Press (2RM) Push Press (3RM) Push Press (5RM) Randy Row 2K Row 3K Row 100m Row 250m Row 300m Row 500m Row 500mA Run (2 mile) Run 400m Run 800m Run 1600m Run 2400m Rushmore Sally Up Snatch (1RM) Snatch (5RM) Snatch - Muscle Snatch - Power (3RM) Something Gone Bad SS Snatch Test Strength WOD Strict Press (1RM) Strict Press (3RM) Syndi Tabata Air Squats (B2B) Tabata Burpees Tabata FGB Tabata Row Tabata Something Else Tabata This Tabata Thrusters Tabata Triple Tabata Wall Balls (B2B) Taylor Team Jack Team WOD The Chief The Ghost The Seven Thruster - 1RM White Whitten

This is the list of named workouts I’ve completed. ¬†Clicking one of the names will show all the workouts I’ve done with this name.

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