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    Treona says:

    I would like to recommend another great indoor play area. I recently visited Chibis, in Ashburn. It was fantastic! I can forward pictures and give more description if you are interested in posting it on your website. In the meantime, here is their website:

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    Joanna P says:

    Recently we visited a great indoor play area called Kid Junction @ Chantilly, VA. I loved Kid Junction!!!!! I could have not have asked for a better place to bring my children. All of my kids, ages 1, 5, and 8 all had a blast. I think you get so much for the admission price! There are a ton of activities for all ages and the best thing is no time limit on how long you can stay. We went there by 11 am and by the time we were to leave it was 6 pm already. They really have it all covered at Kid Junction. The staff were nice and friendly, the place was VERY clean, food was good and reasonably priced, and most games were only a quarter!But there are many things too do if you don’t want to play an arcade game. My children cannot wait to return and I am definitely booking a birthday party for my daughters this year at Kid Junction. We love it!!!

    Their website is : and i think their phone number is 703 222 5582…

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