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In the spring/summer of 2010, I decided to put together a list of parks in Arlington and beyond that were of interest to me. The list includes parks and playgrounds in Arlington that I have either visited, would like to visit, or have been recommended to me. Most of the parks are county-owned, but the list also includes other locations that have been recommended (such as civic association parks, church/preschool parks, etc.). I believe that the properties listed are open to the public, but please use your common sense and judgment and obey any rules. Let me know if I’ve included something that is restricted.


I feel so blessed to live in Arlington County, which has so many wonderful facilities. The county website has a ton of information. If you are looking to explore on your own, check out these links:

Why Review Playgrounds?

I started doing playground reviews in 2010 when my kids were 6, 5, and 2.5. Because my kids are diverse in age and interests, I was constantly on the lookout for playgrounds that would suit their various needs. And while there are many online lists of playgrounds (see above), hardly any have photos or provide much detail about the park features.

I decided it would be fun to visit as many as possible and write them up. That way *I’d* learn which parks are best for my kids, and I could provide helpful feedback for others.

I hope you’ll find my reviews helpful and I would love to hear from you! Please take a moment to rate the parks you are familiar with and share a comment about your thoughts on the parks I’ve reviewed.

If there are other parks you’d like me to check out – please let me know!

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    Cecil says:

    Thank you for doing a good job in putting all this info in one place. Great information. I have a 7 months old and I am always on the look out for a place to bring him. I want him to have a chance to learn and have fun… hope you’ll not mind if I share your link or reference you in my own blog.

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