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The blog has evolved over the years.  It started as a way of sharing family adventures with extended family.   From there it has grown into whatever passions captured my interest.  Currently, you will find three main kinds of content on the site:

Playground Reviews

I started visiting and reviewing playgrounds in 2010 as a way to get out of the house and to get to know more of Arlington’s fabulous playgrounds.   I have branched out beyond Arlington and visited many other excellent playgrounds, parks, and indoor play areas throughout the Metro DC area, but the majority of the listings are focused on Arlington.

You can find all my reviews in the parks and playground section, along with ways to find parks by location, map or feature.

Park, Playground and Indoor Play Area Reviews


Menu Plans & Paleo/Primal Recipes

I started posting weekly menu plans in 2010 as a way to organize my shopping and cooking.   I also occasionally posted recipes.  In the beginning of 2012, I began eating Paleo / Primal foods and with that came a new focus on “eating clean”.  Now my menu plans and the recipes I share are mostly paleo or primal (meaning they may include dairy).

I post my weekly Menu Plans each Monday, and try to post a recipe every week or so.  Recipes can be found one of two ways:

Recipes by Type  (appetizer, meat, dessert, etc.)

Recipes by Date (with thumbnail pictures)

I also collect recipes on Pinterest — check out my Paleo Eats and Paleo Treats boards for other people’s recipes that sound good to me.

Lastly, since Paleo/Primal recipes have become an important focus to me, I’ve put together a page that contains all my favorite Paleo Recipes.   Some are mine, are some are links to other recipes on the web.  You can find them here:

My Paleo Recipe Round-Up


Family Fun / Miscellany

Everything else on this blog is somewhat random.  You’ll find posts on family adventures, my faith, and Crossfit, as well as occasional tips, product reviews, giveaways, etc.

Speaking of Crossfit, you can also find my Crossfit stats and info about the workouts I’ve done.   They live in their own section of the site (see Crossfit, under the menu) as I maintain that stuff more for myself than for anyone else.

So… that’s what I blog about.  Hopefully at least something here is of interest to you, otherwise I’m guessing you won’t be back.

Thanks for stopping by!

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    Petie says:

    Joseph’s coat is gone, Second chance closing.
    Capital Caring expanded, new boutique 2 doors north of original storre

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