Menu Plan Monday 3/5

Sunday March 5, 2017

Holy Moly, it’s March! Here’s what’s eating:

Sunday — Black Bean Soup (instant pot!) + grilled cheese?  meanest black beanest + salad

Monday —  Classy Chicken with Oranges & Smoked Turkey Sausage
This recipe is a take on Nigella Lawson’s Spanish Chicken recipe and it was hit with everyone . Highly recommend!

Tuesday — Beef Steak Fajitas
Made this with some hanging tender beef I had.  Also good with flank, skirt steak or even London Broil cuts of beef.

Wednesday — Paleo Cajun Shrimp & Grits
A new recipe for me but so good! Word to the wise for the macro counters out there:  the cauli rice uses a lot of almond flour which is laden with fat.  I did not realize it beforehand — no wonder it was so filling!

Thursday — Souvlaki + Tzatziki sauce — using chicken
Note: I’m making with chicken.  Marinade includes wine, I sub extra light olive oil for canola; also sauce uses greek yogurt 

Friday — TBD/Cheat Night

Note: all meals are generally paleo/primal, except as noted otherwise.

My favorite sources for menu planning/recipe inspiration: Org Junkie, Chowstalker, and Pinterest.



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