The Halloween WOD

Wednesday November 6, 2013

Geez, Halloween seems like a distant memory, but I wanted to record the fun we had at Crossfit Rubicon celebrating Halloween.


This was the gym’s second annual Halloween WOD and Paleo Potluck. Last year, we had a great time and I had fun creating clever costumes:  Lady Gaga (in her meat dress) for me, and Mike as a butcher.  This year, our costumes were decidedly lower effort.  We went as Salt ‘n Peppa.


This year, as a coach, I helped organize the event and programmed the WOD.  We held our party the Friday before Halloween.  Here’s what we did.


“The Great Pumpkin” WOD

Teams of 5, 20 min AMRAP

20m Walking Lunge with “Pumpkin” Overhead*
100 Hammer Strikes per Team**
100 Goblet Squats with Pumpkin
20m Walking Lunge with Pumpkin
100 Wall Balls
100 Slam Balls
100 Partner “Pumpkin” Sit-ups***
40m Team Prowler Push(es)****

* Everyone carries a “pumpkin” —  either a Medicine Ball (20#/14#), a Slam Ball (20#/15#), or an actual pumpkin (~10-15 lbs).
Each team gets 1 pumpkin and the pumpkin may not touch the ground, or be used for wall balls or slam balls.
** 100 Reps assumes a 5 person team.  If the team has more/less members, # of reps = 20 * # of teammates
*** Pumpkin Sit-ups: partners sit with feet touching.  One holds ball overhead while performing a sit-up, tapping ball on ground above the head, then comes up and passes the ball to the other partner who performs the same movement.
**** Team Prowler Push(es) = every teammates must ride once on the prowler down and back.   The number of teammates who ride at one time and the number of teammates who push the prowler is up to the team.

Captains were instructed to use costume excellence as their criteria for picking teammates.IMG_1489.JPG

This was my first time programming a WOD, and I solicited input from Chef (head coach/owner) and other coaches.  I tried to design a workout that was fun, inclusive of a variety of abilities, and easy to do in costume.  I think this wod hit the mark.

Walking Lunges


Hammer Strikes

“Smashing Pumpkins” (aka Slam Balls)
Is that guy slamming the actual pumpkin?

Partner Sit-ups


There’s just something hilarious about exercising in costume… especially when your costume involves an inflatable tail and “nuts” dangling between your legs.

The Team Prowler Pushes were definitely a hit.
Ryan proves he is caveman strong by pushing his entire team … 18 inches.

IMG_1533.JPG  IMG_1505.JPG


This video captures spirit of the night pretty well:

After the Team WOD, we gathered for a group photo and voted on the best costume.

Waldo won!


Then we enjoyed a delicious paleo potluck and the company of good, sweaty friends.


There may even have been some shenanigans.


It was a great night at the box and embodied much of what I love about our Crossfit community.  Can’t wait til next year!

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