Memorial Day Murph

Thursday May 30, 2013

Photo Credit: Nova Sports Photo

Over the weekend, our gym — Crossfit Rubicon — hosted Memorial Day Murph for Boston.  “Murph” is what Crossfit calls a hero WOD — an especially gruelling workout intended to honor someone who sacrificed their life defending/protecting others.   This event was put together, not only to honor the sacrifices of our fallen warriors, but also to raise funds for victims of the Boston bombing.

Murph is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, who was died in Afghanistan  June 28th, 2005.   (If you’ve never read “Lone Survivor”, it’s an incredible account of this event and the lives these men led) .  The workout is:

1 mile run, then 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats (these 3 movements can be broken up in any order), followed by another mile run.

The really hardcore folks do it wearing a weight vest — which is how Michael Murphy used to do this workout, which he called “Body Armor”.   Being a first-timer, I was just hoping to finish in under an hour, without any extra weight.

Needless to say, it is a grueling workout.

Photo Credit: Nova Sports Photo

Everyone warned me that the push-ups would be the worst.  I was more worried about the pull-ups, but “everyone” was right — the push-ups were awful.  Having a huge crowd of atheletes and spectators was tremendously motivating.   I’m pleased to say I finished the workout — rx’d (minus a weight vest) in 48:41!

It was really incredible to be part of this event.  We had people from all over the area and far beyond come  to attend.  Over 180 athletes participated and who knows how many spectators.

I loved seeing the gym full of people sweating their guts out, giving their all to this workout.


I was so proud of my husband, grinding out those push-ups with a 20# weight vest.


I loved seeing so many “new to Crossfit” Rubiconers out there — many were super intimidated to be doing the hardest workout they’ve ever done (to date), but they gave it their all and did great!   I loved seeing the diversity of folks there.  We had veterans, amputees, special forces, regular joes and soccer moms all sweating it out side-by-side.

This workout is an incredible bonding experience.  I watched numerous folks finish their workout, and then go back out and run that last mile over and over to come alongside a buddy and encourage him or her finish.


There were also lots of couples who participated — and in some cases, it was the first time the spouse/Sig O had ever done Crossfit!  It was really cool to see partners cross the finish line together.


And the crowd was AMAZING.  It was such an electric, exciting atmosphere.  I took a short video clip, but it really doesn’t capture the intensity, noise and amazing spirit of everyone there:

It was a wonderful way to kick off our memorial weekend and help us focus on those who sacrificed everything for us.  I am so thankful for those brave men and women who paid for my freedom with their lives —  I hope this event honors their memory.

PS — special thank to Aaron Wyche of Nova Sports Photo.  He captured some incredible shots (a couple of which I used here).  Check out his Facebook album for this event to see more of his work.

Rubicon owners Chef & Hrönn Wallach also got some great shots — you can see more great snaps in the Rubicon  Murph photo album.


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