Happy Halloween!

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Sorry I haven’t gotten any posts out this week.   Sandy came through and while it was milder than expected (in our area), we lost power Monday eve.

Sorry I don’t have menu plan this week — we will be eating frozen, now thawed whatever in the freezer… but here’s a little of what we’ve been up to.

Sunday — we hosted a pumpkin carving party with a few friends.  It’s become a fun tradition to do this the weekend before Halloween.

I served two types of chili — my White Bean Chicken Chili (paleo, minus the beans), Paleo Texas Chili, and Italian Sausages.   Of course I forgot to take any food pictures!

Pumpkin Party Fun:




Monday was rainy and windy, but nothing too severe.


Once we lost power, here’s some of what we did to keep occupied…




The power is now back on and we are very thankful to have it.

We are looking forward to resuming the Halloween fun tonight!

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