Fall Fun at Cox Farms

Wednesday October 24, 2012

It’s a family tradition to go to Cox Farms every fall.   We finally got there last Friday when our school was out for parent teacher conferences.   It was fairly crowded when we arrived around noon.  I was hoping the fact that it was a school day for Fairfax County would mean less crowds, but there were quite a few school groups.


Luckily, as the afternoon wore on, the school groups left, and the sun came out, making for a lovely outdoor outing.

My tip — 2pm at Cox Farms is that sweet spot time where school groups have gone home and elementary schools aren’t out yet.  Cox is significantly more crowded on weekends and holidays — especially as you get closer to Halloween, take your kids out of school early and go on a weekday :).

We all had a great time.   The kids enjoyed the …

Rope climbs and rope swings


The Cornundrum

A pseudo corn “maze” — not really a maze, rather a marked path through the corn with some fun, silly and not too scary interactive displays along the way.


Farm Chores

Pumping water and playing with the corn conveyer belt — they could have spent hours here.


Panning for Gold

Although no gold was found, splashing in the water was its own reward.


Lots and Lots of Slides


I am always amazed at how much there is to do at Cox Farms.    We skipped the hayride this year and nobody missed it.  I didn’t get pictures, but some of the kids had a blast in Goat Village, while the other child and I had fun riding the big “Dino Slide”.

Pretty much, everywhere you turn, there is something for all ages of kids to do.   There is entertainment and cow milking, little kid areas with tiny slides, big rope swings, little kid rope swings, and of course food.  We love the free apples and cider, but couldn’t leave without some kettle corn.

I love that the kids have a blast and its good ole fashioned fun.  Honestly, why would anyone pay for Disney World when the kids can have fun and make memories close to home for so much less?


Even we grown-ups had a great time…


Seeing my kids laugh and play together was its own reward.   Thanks Cox Farms, for a great day and great memories.

Disclosure:  Despite the glowing review, this is NOT a sponsored post.  We love Cox Farms and paid our own way to visit.

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