Urban Evolution Summer Day Camp

Tuesday September 25, 2012

I meant to blog about this while it was still summer, but life got moving to fast for me.  Despite it being mid-September, I wanted to share about this amazing camp experience my older two kids had this summer at Urban Evolution in Alexandria, VA.

I heard about Urban Evolution (UE) a while ago and was fascinated.   They have unique fitness offerings such as: parkour for adults and kids, aerial acrobatics, breakdancing, Brazilian Jujitsu, and something called “UrbanFit” that sounds a lot like Crossfit.

From their website:

We believe in having a good time while working out. We think the most effective ways to get in shape involve doing things your body was meant to do, and doing it in a way that’s actually fun. And by fun, we don’t mean it’ll be pleasant or perfectly safe. We mean it’ll be hard work, and you’ll get sweaty.

… We teach functional fitness. If you work out your muscles on various machines for years and get totally cut, but you still can’t lift a bag of mulch, what’s the point? Our brand of fitness will help you do things better in the real world.

This mindset is what I love about Crossfit and it great to see other places that “get” functional fitness as well.   When I saw a social deal for their Parkour summer camp program for kids, I jumped at the chance to send them.

BTW — are you wondering, what is Parkour?  It is definitely not this (one of the funniest scenes from The Office, IMO):

Those guys should have taken a class at Urban Evolution.  Anywho, back to my kids’ experience at Urban Evolution.


The gym is set-up in a warehouse-type space, very similar to many Crossfit gyms.  However, the walls of UE are covered in brightly colored graffiti-style art and it is full of mats and cool looking obstacles.


They created a lounge/waiting area above their bathrooms.  It is a fun and funky space – with no barriers to keep your muchkin from jumping overboard.


The program started with the kids in a circle, stretching and warming up.


Throughout the week they practiced being “ninja monkeys”.   The learned how to land softly and safely and how to climb and get around obstacles.  They played fun games like zombie tag, and hot lava (where you couldn’t touch the ground) and generally spent four hours running, jumping, climbing, and wearing themselves out.


If you have active boys (or girls), sometimes it feels like all you ever do is tell them to “get down” or “stop climbing on that” — this was the perfect antidote.  Here it was okay to climb jump and scramble and the kids had a sweaty blast doing it.

At the end of the week, the kids got to show off their newly honed ninja skills and run through an obstacle course, complete with a jump off a 10′ platform (down to a really soft mat).

Here’s my 7 year old running through the course:

And here’s my 8 year old ninja jumping off the platform.


The kids received a UE t-shirt, which was placed on them like a ninja hoodie/mask — a very cute and fun touch.


All in all, the kids had a great time and I would highly recommend Urban Evolution to anyone.   In addition to day camps, they have year round classes.    The kids program starts at age 6…. my only regret is that it didn’t start younger so my 4 year old monkey could participate.

Check out the Urban Evolution YouTube Channel to see some videos of the cool stuff that goes on at UE — I just saw their most recent video and realized they do birthday parties!

Disclosure:  this is NOT a sponsored post, I was not compensated in anyway for this review, I just thought it was a really cool outfit that others ought to know about.

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