Menu Plan Sunday: Christmas Edition

Saturday December 24, 2011

Christmas Dinner 2010

I may not be posting much next week… or then again, maybe I will!  I plan on taking it easy and not feeling compelled to stick with my regular 5xs a week schedule.   I hope the Christmas break will be joyful and merry for you and your family and that you (especially you fellow moms) will get to take it easy after all the craziness of putting on Christmas.

Speaking of putting on Christmas, here’s what we’ll be eating tomorrow.

Since the hubby has been eating like a caveman (#paleo), and I’ve been trying to a little bit, I wanted to make sure some (tho definitely not all) of the menu will please the primal palate.

(just our family)

  • Monkey Bread — going to halve the recipe this time
  • Fruit Salad  — lots of cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes and banana
  • Bacon & Eggs — #paleo

Mid Day Munchies

  • Veggie Tray — with hummus and ranch dip
  • Cheese Tray + crackers
  • Ham & Cheese sandwiches
  • Sweet & Spicy nuts — #paleo

Christmas Dinner
(Serving 7 adults + 4 kids)




One Response to Menu Plan Sunday: Christmas Edition

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    Bob Wisdom says:

    Don’t let Don or Pat eat to much at this good sounding dinner !!


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