How to Make a Princess Leia Costume

Tuesday October 18, 2011

My daughter initially wanted to be Luminara, a female Jedi, but that sounded way too complicated to make and unavailable to purchase.  So I convinced her to be Princes Leia, because… wouldn’t it be fun to make her hair into Leia buns!   Here’s how I “made” her costume.

Step 1 — Reuse last year’s costume pattern to make the dress.  Purchase ~3 yards of shiny fabric at the fabric store.


Step 2 — Scour the consignment stores until you find a white turtleneck to wear under and a pair of white boots.


Step 3 — Reuse (or purchase on clearance)  water gun(s).  Spray paint black to simulate Leia’s “Blaster Gun“.


The green gun is what it the black gun looked like before spray paint.  Wendy wanted to keep the tip orange, even though it’s not exactly correct (we are Star Wars nerds, but not quite *that* nerdy).

Step 4 — While randomly visiting another thrift store,  find the complete (new) costume you are trying to simulate.   Purchase it and call it a day.


I honestly thought Leia’s costume would be an easy one to make and I like the idea of making it myself, but when I found it available for purchase for cheap — it was too good of deal to pass up.

Anyone need 3.25 yards of shiny white fabric?

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