Winner Winner, Chicken Wing Dinner!

Thursday September 15, 2011

Thanks to all who participated in the Wys Wing Sauce Giveaway!

Winners will choose from and receive one of these delicious tasting sauces (in the regular sized bottle).


The lucky winners are…

Congratulations to:  #8 – Autumn, #19 – Aubreylaine, and #14 – Sandy!

I will in be in touch shortly with information on how to claim your prize.

To all who didn’t win, you can order this delicious wing sauce from the Wys Wings website.   We purchase very few FOOD items online, but this is one that my hubby orders by the case.

Also, if anyone was curious, I asked Mark about the electric fryer he uses in his demonstration videos, and he said he used the Presto Kettle Kitchen, which retails for about $30 and can be found at Amazon, Walmart and other retailers.   He also recommends a Waring Pro fryer (sorry, don’t have the model #), which he can sell you for $99, shipped.



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