Back to School Busyness… and another first!

Wednesday September 7, 2011

In preparation for Back to School, all three of my kiddos got haircuts.   We’ve been to different Arlington establishments, but this time I took all three to the Hair Cuttery.   My girl was thrilled to go to a “real” salon and especially loved getting her hair washed and using the bubble dryer.


I was very pleased with everyone’s cuts, especially Sam’s.   We’re trying to find a good place to do longer boy haircuts and I think our new stylist may work.

Here are the “before” pictures:


And here is the after:


Despite their sullen expression, everyone was pleased with their new do.  Or at least their suckers.

Tuesday morning dawned overcast and rainy.   That didn’t stop me from taking the obligatory 1st day of school pics.


Wendy the 2nd Grader


Sam the 1st Grader

Oh, and I can’t forget to record another first!


Sam lost his first tooth over Labor Day weekend!   It was very exciting, even if the tooth fairy did forget to leave money the first two nights (as well as the kid forgot to put the tooth out).   S/he finally made up for it by leaving a $5 bill AND a gold coin.   Sheesh, the tooth fairy is awfully extravagant! (But only for the first tooth).

Soon we were off for the bus stop.  A little rain didn’t dampen anybody’s spirit.




I haven’t done any back to school clothing shopping yet because I was waiting for a consignment sale coming up at the end of the month.   However, seeing how my daughter has outgrown her hemline and my son has no fall/rain jacket… I think I’ll be hitting the stores STAT.

And thus begins our school year!

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3 Responses to Back to School Busyness… and another first!

  1. 1
    Renee says:

    Nice hair cuts! How can they not smile with those lollipops?

  2. 2
    jankatcla says:

    I live in Arlington as well, and have been searching for a good hair stylist for my kids. May I ask who you saw at Hair Cuttery, and which salon you visited?

    • 2.1
      Kendra says:

      I asked my mom’s club for suggestions and these were the recommended names at the Lee / Harrison Hair Cuttery: Thao, Kim or Cathy.

      We used Thao, who has enough clientele that you can actually call and schedule appointments with her.

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