WFMW: iPad as Cleaning Tool

Wednesday August 24, 2011

We recently purchased an iPad, in anticipation of our cross-country travels, and we have been having fun exploring different apps.

After our return, the husband and I felt the house was a wreck and a deep clean was in order — one that required participation from ALL members of the family.  Often times, getting the kids to clean is even more work than just cleaning yourself, but Mr. Meanest came up with a great way to motivate the kids.

His stroke of genious?  Use the iPad to take pictures of specific tasks the kids need to complete.


He took pictures of toilets that needed to be scrubbed, sinks that needed to be wiped, floors that needed toys picked up, etc.   Once they completed a task, they could move on to the next photo, and after we signed off on a task well done, they could delete the photo.

The kids loved running back to the iPad to see what was next and were good little workers.  I’m sure the novelty of this approach will wear off eventually, but it worked great to get through our cleaning session with relatively happy hearts.

What are your tips for getting kids to help clean?

You can find more tips at Works For Me Wednesday, hosted by We Are That Family.

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4 Responses to WFMW: iPad as Cleaning Tool

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    Crystal & Co says:

    Awesome. I would love for you to share this cleaning resource on my mommy solution meme.

  2. 2
    Crystal & Co says:

    Sharing on Facebook. 🙂

  3. 3

    I loved this idea of the photo to do list. It might even motivate me sometimes!

    BTW, I liked your tip so much that I featured it on my weekly link round up, on my site. You can check out the link here:

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