Let the Weedeemed Sing, Our God Weigns!

Tuesday August 23, 2011

One of the great things about sending my kids to Vacation Bible School, is they come home learning and loving new Christian tunes.  I have especially loved catching my three year old sing to himself.

The favorite song they acquired from VBS this year is called “Rise & Sing”, and it’s a catchy little tune:

My kids are especially fond of the bridge (at the ~2:40 mark).  Here’s how it sounds when my kids sing it:

“Let the wee-deemed of da Lawd sing, Ower Gowd Wegins [Ower Gowd Weigns!]”

Here’s the cutie pie video evidence.  And yes, I did film this while driving, but I simply held the camera in my hand.  I’m shocked that I got such good footage as I was not looking at them!



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    I am impressed with your mad video skillz. 🙂

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