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Wednesday August 3, 2011

Once my two older kids entered elementary school, we entered the world of required nightly reading.  In first grade, my daughter had to maintain a reading log, writing down what she read and for how long.   She did not enjoy this task, but using bookmark timers has helped a great deal.

Mark-My-Time Bookmark Timers

These timers are sold individually for around $8 on Amazon and really nifty.   You can set them to countdown (i.e. child must read for 20 minutes), or count up (“Look mom!  I read for 47 minutes!”)

This summer, since we instituted our “Read for Screen Time” policy, the kids have been gungho readers.  I am thrilled to report that my daughter, who used to moan and groan when I  asked her to read has become a book-a-holic.   Nothing warms the heart of this nerdy bookworm momma like seeing my children with their noses in books (even better, reading to their little brother).


These bookmark timers work for me (and make great stocking stuffers!).

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