Egg Muffin Cups

Thursday July 14, 2011

NOTE:  These make a great Paleo recipe… if you either omit the cheese, or use cheese from grassfed cows.

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?   It’s such a fun, visual way to find new cool stuff.  I decided to start using it to capture recipes that I find online and want to make.  One such recipe I stumbled on a while back is this Egg Muffin recipe, from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

This recipe, I guess, started as a South Beach Diet recipe, but it went over well in our house because hubby is big on cutting carbs and focusing on protein.   I love how it’s a simple, easy formula and because everything is single serving, it’s easy to customize.

I didn’t have the Spike Seasoning she recommends, but I did have a variety of meats and cheeses on hand.  I decided to do a matrix of different flavors so each muffin I made was unique.

I started by laying out my muffin cups in 3 rows of 4 and putting some meat in each one.   One row as deli turkey, another was turkey bacon, and the 3rd row was diced ham.   I also put a smattering of veggies in each one — a little bit of green onion and red pepper was what I had on hand.   For the cheeses, I decided to alternate them vertically.  Column 1 got cheddar, #2 got Pepper Jack, #3 was Mozerella, and #4 was Swiss.

Then I beat 9 eggs in a large measuring cup and added some salt and pepper to taste.  I poured some in each muffin cup, filling about 3/4ths.   Kalyn then says to stir each cup to mix, but I forgot.

They bake at 375 for ~25 minutes.    When they came out, they looked and smelled delicious!

I transferred to a cooling rack and put out labels so everyone could try what they liked.


Not every kiddo was a fan, but I think we got 2/3rds thumbs up and Mike & I loved them.  I’d say an 80% approval rating is pretty darn good!

This was a more labor intense breakfast than I usually like to do, but it was a good Saturday morning project.   Kaylyn says you can freeze them for future serving, which is a great idea, but ours were gobbled up too quickly to freeze.

These were a tasty treat, and by-the-way, they go great with Ree’s Restaurant Salsa!

3 Responses to Egg Muffin Cups

  1. 1
    Erin says:

    The other night I made this for dinner! The kids ate them well and they were fast and easy 🙂 Thanks for the idea

    • 1.1
      Kim says:

      I make these on weekends and store them in the fridge. Throughout the week, I Just pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds–easy healthy breakfast! Amanda, they’d still be great without the cheese. Any fresh herbs you have on hand can also be thrown in!

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    These look great!! Do you think they would still be good without the cheese?? My son can’t eat dairy, grains or any nuts (tree and peanut) so I am always looking for something different for him to try. Or at least different ways to serve him the same thing over and over again lol

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