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Wednesday July 13, 2011

You may have not have noticed, but I’ve made more updates to the way playground reviews are displayed and organized.

They are now stored as as different type of post than regular blog entries — this allows me to format and categorize the reviews in ways that I think you’ll find more helpful.  For example, if you look at my most recent review …

You can see the information is neatly formatted, making it easy to scan for key features, such as where it’s located, what features the park has (i.e. bathrooms, parking), and what features the play space has (i.e. swings, fenced, etc.)

Each feature is a clickable “tag”, which allows you to easily see other reviews that share the same characteristic.

There is also a short “Bottom Line Impression”, which sums up my opinion of the park, as well as the detailed review.   The star rating initially shows how I rated the play area, but I hope others will click and add their rating as well.

The reviews are now called “Play Space Reviews” instead of just playground reviews — this broader definition makes more sense as I am also reviewing parks, indoor play areas and other places for kids to have fun.

If you view these reviews in an RSS reader, you will want to click through and view them on the website to get all the information — viewing it in the reader limits you to just the “review” section.

New Tags Means Better Organized Data

The new tagging method improves how the data can be organized.

For example, there is now a “By Location” page, which lists all the locations that have reviews:

Clicking on any of these locations will give the list of reviews for that area.

The old way of grouping reviews by Arlington or beyond Arlington still exists.  On the same Location page, you can see a list of  all the Arlington playgrounds together, as well as the non-Arlington reviews:

New & Improved Features Page

The “By Feature” page now contains a hierarchical listing of reviews by basic type:  Park Features, Age Ranges, Fees, and Play Area Features.

Any of these categories can be clicked to view a listing of play areas that have been categorized with that tag.

For example, clicking on the Play Space Feature “Train Themed Play Structure” (not pictured above), would result in page that lists all the play areas that have a train motif in their play area.

You can see the listing provides a lot more info at a glance and includes a thumbnail of the park.

Hopefully you will find these listings helpful.   All of these listings can be found in the main navigation bar at the top of the page, titled “Arlington Parks & Playgrounds“.

If you have suggestions or feedback on how to improve these listings, or have other play spaces to recommend, please let me know!


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    XfitDad says:

    Nice work, dear!
    Oh, and the pool cooked, shrimp tacos on a stick.

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