WFMW: Organizing the Produce Drawer

Wednesday June 22, 2011

Often when I grocery shop, I buy the same produce from week to week because I know I’ll use it for something at some point.  And occasionally, I’ll come home from my H-Mart run with something I already have a bunch of in the fridge.

I do this frequently with things like jalapenos, cilantro or green onions — because they are typically so cheap at H-Mart that I’d rather buy duplicates than come home without them and miss the savings.  (At H-Mart, the prices run like this:   jalapenos ~ .99/lb, cilantro ~.50/bunch, green onions ~.25/bunch)

So… when I have two sets of jalapenos in the fridge, how do I figure out which to use first?

The system I came up with is to open the new bag of produce and put the old bag inside.


This way, when I open my bag up, I’ll see there is an older one inside that I need to eat up first.

This has been very helpful for me to keep my produce organized and while it’s not rocket science, it definitely works for me.

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